Honest Blog #2

Honest Blog

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Honest Blog is a student magazine with a different theme every issue. This time round the theme is mental health whilst studying. Seen as it is mental health month and mental health issues are common within creative students but not often spoken about I wanted to help raise awareness.  

This project is very personal to me as the first issue of Honest Blog came out three years a go, my intentions were to create another issue almost instantly but my mental health got in the way. It's now three years down the line, I've been through Uni, I have the experience and my style has changed. I want this magazine to help people and give people the confidence to talk about what they're going through. The artists/designers I have featured within the magazine have all suffered with mental health issues one way or other and are continuing to kick its ass and make great things.

The magazine features plenty of interviews, advice, travel tips and more. Featuring the likes of Vicky Grout, Saffa Khan, Harry McKenzie, Chris Mitchell, Cat Byrne, Lizzie Evans from Smug, Emily Straw and Emma Thorpe.

There will be a lot more to see very soon, in the mean time go follow us on our social media platforms @HonestBlog to see the progress!